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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crap for sale!

Always Overserved "coffee" mug

Thumb your nose at authority figures with this clever invention. It looks and feels just like a real coffee mug but only you know that inside is something with a little more 'kick'. DISCLAIMER: Drinking anything but coffee in this mug will most likely get you fired and/or arrested. Always Overserved does not condone such behavior and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Click here to get one for your very own!

Quick sketch cartoon for Tuesday!

         Here at ALWAYS OVERSERVED BLOG we don't always need to try to impress our readers with fancy colors and fully-conceived punchlines. We know that you are much too sophisticated to be dazzled by these gimmicks. Some may call it lazy, but I call it an artistic statement against the tyranny of flashy web cartoons and soul-less "finished" artwork.

New feature on Always Overserved, Monthly Mystery Bar!

          I've sketched one of the many watering holes found in the greater Denver metro area but omitted the name. If you can post a comment and come up with the name of this establishment then we will send you a complementary mini bottle of Old Grandad Bonded Bourbon Whiskey. (DISCLAIMER: Actual bottle will be empty and/or will not be sent.)